“Now it appears this struggle is going to culminate in a new birth, a third reality.”

“but none of them, will understand” Daniel 12:10

Those who will be left behind, after final lifetime judgment……

(only being able to live within their fallen state – 1st level of physical reality)

“We look for the resurrection of the dead – ascended Christians, and the life of the world to come.”

(those who are living within the 2nd and 3rd levels of physical reality – eternal life)

There are many people calling themselves Christians, who are not pursuing salvation into Heaven, but are only practicing the lower teachings of Christ. That will not be enough to enter into New Jerusalem, that is promised for those who surrender fully into the process. They will continue to think that Heaven will occur after physical life, for those who are worthy. They remain within their darkness of life.

The second physical reality, The Kingdom of Heaven. Experienced during life for actual Christians. The “living” as opposed to the “dead”.

The truth is that every soul goes back into the spiritual realm at their achieved consciousness level, once they leave their body, with other souls who also resonate within those same boundaries. Those who are already within eternal life (lives) parameters, enter into higher consciousness (heaven) during their lifetime, after Christ brings them back to their previous levels, to continue in their spiritual growth. The ultimate free will choice for those living a human life, the second reality, “but none of them, those outside of eternal life, will understand.”

Excerpt from The Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life

The Lucifer Experiment: Duality

The words “the Lucifer rebellion” carry a stigma that has haunted mankind for at least since the Bible has been on Earth. Many of us humans, especially Christians, believe that Lucifer is the cause of all evil and darkness that has ever transpired on this planet. We call what Lucifer did a rebellion, projecting an image that Lucifer is somehow going against the universal cosmic plan. But unity consciousness sees Lucifer’s work in a slightly different light. His work is not known as a rebellion, but as the Lucifer experiment. Why would it be called an experiment? Because that is exactly what it is, a test to see if certain parameters of life will work. Life is an experiment! The instructions from God at the beginning of the Lucifer experiment were for humans to live free will. But what does free will mean? Does it not mean all possibilities, both good and evil? Does it not mean that we would be allowed to do anything we wanted, with the idea, from a biblical point of view, that we would learn discrimination for the good?

Life was given the ability to do anything it wanted, all possibilities; it was given free will. Therefore, how could free will exist unless consciousness created the format for this way of being? And who creates consciousness? The one and only God. Lucifer did not create free will, but it was through his actions and decisions that free will became a reality. It was God who created Lucifer so that free will would exist. Before the Lucifer experiment, there was no free will except during the three other attempts. All life moved according to the will of God, according to the cosmic DMA. There were no deviations, and free will was only a potential that life could someday try.

At one point, because free will was possible, we realized that there was a particular way we could experience this reality that had not been tried before. So we tried it. We actually tried three versions of it, and each time it failed. They were absolute disasters. The latest experiment and fourth attempt, with Lucifer heading it, used a different approach to create free will. This time God chose an area of consciousness that was just above human existence: This experiment began with the angels. So it was the angels who brought this new freewill consciousness to mankind to be lived here in these dense worlds, and life everywhere watched to see how it would fare. With great respect between two brothers, the battle between good and evil began. It was a battle to the death, yet neither could die. It was a battle that had to be, for it was the will of God. For the overall sake of the universe,

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A person must understand the 2 current realities that exist, before they are able to make the adjustment into the new reality. 2 groups (click)

“Many will try to enter…..but will fail.” Luke 13:24

Shamefully, many more won’t even try at all…..

Only believing that there is the one reality – those stuck at the lowest levels of humanity (without even knowing it).

The righteous and wicked are to remain in the earth together. The righteous are not to exterminate the wicked

“and those who were ready went in with him to the wedding; and the door was shut and locked (for the others).” Matthew 25:10

A full focused tribulation completed during physical life and then lived in “Heaven” – higher consciousness

God’s Righteous Judgment
“…God “will repay each one according to his deeds.” To those who by perseverance (by completing their full tribulation) in doing good seek glory, honor, and immortality, He will give eternal life (unlimited physical lives for advanced spiritual growth). But for those who are self-seeking and who reject the truth and follow wickedness, there will be wrath and anger.…(only being allowed to live in the lower world only, with all of their false prophets – staying in lower consciousness)”

Romans 2:6-8

Don’t remain naive, to get into New Jerusalem, a person must be cleansed to be admitted. So there will be some who are spiritual, but have only progressed to the higher spiritual levels found in lower consciousness. They will be tested during the great tribulation, to see if they will either surrender to finish the process, or will remain outside of the gates to Heaven. Those who are unaware of spiritual ascension, will be shown others who have made their transition, so afterwards, there will be no excuses allowed once they become locked out. They will have time to get to the proper levels all the way to the end, but unless they reach Book of Life levels of consciousness, will not advance. They are not ready.

After the Millennium period is finished, those who are at close enough levels for ascension, will get one last try. So those helping other Christians who are surrendering, will probably get that last opportunity, but those thriving in their darkness, will be done with that last chance for change. Christ has already advanced enough souls far enough into His kingdom at this time, to accomplish what He was prophesied to do. Those last days will be shortened, so a person should start their process as soon as they can, since it does take years for ascension to occur.

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